Upgrade to TYPO3 6.2 LTS

Get Your TYPO3 6.2 LTS Upgrade Now!

Support for all previous versions of TYPO3 will expire within a year, but TYPO3 6.2 LTS will be supported until 2017. This is great news for maintaining problem-free websites!

TYPO3 6.2 LTS Benefits Everyone

  • For Editors: Better responsiveness, Easier to Use Backend, Added File Abstraction Layer, A New Form Framework
  • For Integrators: Smooth Migration, New Install Tool, New Typoscript Feature, Translation Servers
  • For Developers: Package Management, Distribution Management, ReST Management, Strong Support of Responsive Design, New File Abstraction Layer FAL
  • For Website Owners: Stability, Security and Usability, Cloud Hosting Optimized
  • For Users: A Better Experience with the Latest Toys

And an upgrade is considerably less expensive than a new website - Contact us now for a Quote

Tips for a Successful TYPO3 Upgrade

Having a good process is crucial for a successful, professionally delivered upgrade. With Web Essentials TYPO3 Upgrade process, we have successfully upgraded 50+ TYPO3 websites. Our upgrade process involves 46 steps and has evolved over many upgrades to develop into a best practice.

Upgrades can get really messy and are very difficult to estimate. Make sure you can dedicate extra time if needed to this project. Here is where problems often occur:

  • Migrating with own extensions that use DAM
  • Migrating Templavoil├á
  • Migrating tt_news

... For the full list, see the link to the Web Essentials TYPO3 6.2 Upgrade Guide below

Make sure you work on a copy of your website on a development or preferably continous deployment environment.

  • Compare Front end and Backend (live and your development environment)
  • Delete Cache, adjust DB source
  • Run Upgrade Wizard
  • Delete Install Tool User Cache
  • Reindex Indexed Search

... For the full list, see the link to the Web Essentials TYPO3 6.2 Upgrade Guide below

There is usually very little strategic benefit to your organization by doing the upgrade in-house. We take care of your TYPO3 upgrades while you focus on your core business - and you keep your sanity.

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Key Facts

  • Community Support until 2017
  • Responsive Optimized
  • Improved Backend
  • Drag & Drop
  • Great Data Management FAL