Visay Keo

"Web Essentials has a truly unique working environment. Employees are treated fairly and equally and are actively supported to enhance soft and hard skills to become better at what they do.

Over the years, people from around the world have joined our team to share knowledge, experience and culture, enabling each one of us to broaden our horizons and develop as people"

Visay Keo - CEO


Our People

Visay Keo
Chivy Lim
Visay Keo

Visay Keo


Our CEO Visay is an avid technologist with over 15 years experience in software development, web applications, IT infrastructure automation, quality assurance and leadership. He has had many roles within Web Essentials including Senior Developer, Scrum Master, Project Manager, Quality Manager and DevOps Manager. A key skill is his ability to bridge the communication gap between technical and non-technical people.

Chivy Lim

Chivy Lim

Technical Lead

Chivy is a skilled tech leader with over 13 years of development experience. After gaining a bachelor degree in computer science, he has progressed to Senior Technical Lead at Web Essentials. He tackles complex problems head-on and devises precise technical concepts and estimates for the team to execute. Whenever the team has blocking issues, Chivy is there to help them find solutions and push for the team's progress.

Rattanak Ung
Jeferson Llamado Sese
Rattanak Ung

Rattanak Ung

Technical Solutions Manager

Rattanak is a Technical Solutions Manager with a background in Economics and Information Technology. He has more than 14 years of experience gathering technical field knowledge, specifically web and mobile app development. He has years of experience in working with local, international organizations, and the government sector. This cross-functional experience means he can talk technical and business effectively at the same time.

Jeferson Llamado Sese

Jeferson Llamado Sese

Technical Project Manager / Product Owner

Jeff is a project manager with a background in software development and DevOps. This cross-functional experience means he can talk technical and business at the same time, making him a solid point of contact for both clients and developers. Originally from the Philippines, he has more than 8 years of experience developing and delivering software for positive social impact with another local social enterprise in Cambodia.

Sayphearoth Mak
Sayphearoth Mak

Sayphearoth Mak

Technical Lead for ICT4D

Phearoth is an energetic developer with strong knowledge in web app and mobile app development. His background studies on e-learning in Cambodian universities aligns well with Web Essentials mission to train young Cambodians using new approaches. With his strong background in multiple programming languages and his ability to work on different CMS, Phearoth is a great team member and a problem-solver who can work on a variety of projects.


Part of a Global Network of Companies

North America

Since November 2020, Web Essentials has a new majority shareholder in Accrescent, a US-based group with a global portfolio in Management, Leadership, Technology, Legal, Financial and other consulting services.


Web Essentials started off in Cambodia. Currently we have a team of 25+ developpers and project managers in our Asian HQ in Phnom Penh. 

Important milestones

Web Essentials is a Swiss-founded, US-Cambodian owned, Cambodian-led, social entrepreneurship success story


Our founder Dominik had a dream about building a "fair-trade" software company


Founded as a social business, with focus on quality, social impact and sustainability


One of the first teams in Cambodia to implement the Agile methodology


Hosted the first ever TYPO3 conference in Cambodia: T3CON 12 ASIA


Completed our 200th project


Opened an office in Europe


Shifted from web agency to digital products and services company with a product mindset and focus on DevOps


Distributed company shares to long-term employees and gained a new majority shareholder in Accrescent


Expanded into the US market, and continued to partner with customers in Europe and Asia


Visay becomes sole CEO, signifying 100% Cambodian leadership for the first time


Up for a new challenge?

Web Essentials always offers attractive job positions in Basel and in Phnom Penh.

Software Project Manager, Cambodia
Junior DevOps Engineer / Intern, Cambodia
Software Developer, Cambodia
Senior Software Developer, Cambodia
Junior Software Developer, Cambodia


Let’s join forces!

Our customers contribute directly to the success of our mission. We care about our customers and they care about us. We are working together towards a win-win business relationship between us and you; maximizing quality, social impact and sustainability. It is this collective energy, talent and cooperation that motivates us to create software that transforms how people live and work together