ICT4D (Information and Communications Technologies for Development) Solutions

In the development sector, impact is your return on investment. We are solution designers, passionate about finding the right technology to measure and scale impact for our partners.

How we help

Mobile & Web Apps

Our mobile apps for use in the field and web apps for data aggregation and reporting equal higher quality data, increased awareness of issues and faster action

Database Development

We build databases, case and beneficiary management systems with built in privacy, data standardization and data visualization for more strategic monitoring and decision-making 

Process Digitalization

We implement ERPs and back office tools with a focus on process automation and improvement, and use APIs to integrate and connect with exisiting infrastructure and tools

Digital Consulting

We lead workshops on how to leverage digital for development coorperation, and our project discovery phase uses design thinking and visualization techniques to prove technical concepts for implementation

Prototypes & MVPs

We use a proof of concept approach to develop fast prototypes to trial with beneficiaries and users in the field. Early testing results in more accessible and successful ICT4D projects

Infrastructure & Maintenance

For an ICT4D solution to be adopted long-term, it must be maintained. Well-defined Service Level Agreements secure stability after the project has ended, and remote software management solutions control device use and upgrades

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

We understand the challenge of maintaining, updating and troubleshooting devices and apps in use in the field. We provide MDM services to ensure your team can continue to have impact, no matter how remote their location

Elearning Solutions

We provide technical platforms for government departments and INGOs to roll out training, capacity building and behavior change programs nationwide. We have specialist experience with Moodle and designing solutions for non-technical learners

Example Project

Technologies & Approach

We believe the most sustainable ICT4D solutions are built using open-source technologies. Our solution designers use our years of domain expertise to design ICT4D tools with scalability in mind from the beginning

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Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

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Technical Solutions Manager

Technical Solutions Manager