Tell us more about yourself !

My name is Nitmoni Voun, a former student at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, specializing in Computer Science. My interests revolve around researching new technologies and integrating them into innovative applications. I have gained practical experience through internships and I have continued working as a full-time staff member in this field to the present day.


What do you like within Web Essentials ?

In Web Essentials, I appreciate the helpfulness and open-mindedness of everyone. Another aspect I value is our continual movement forward; we rotate roles and tackle fresh challenges as they arise.


Describe the best project you worked on. What was your role and what did you achieve / learn?

It has been nine months since I commenced my tenure here, consisting of three months in an internship capacity and six months as a full-time staff member. Throughout this period, I have taken on various roles, starting as a mobile app developer specializing in React Native. I adapted and acquired proficiency in Amazon Web Services, incorporating VR and AR functionalities into mobile applications. Subsequently, I transitioned to a CMS project involving TYP03. Presently, I am engaged in a project utilizing Ruby on Rails.



FOOTBALL TEAM Manchester United and Real Madrid
FOOD Tuek Kroeung
DRINK Iced Coffee
SONG Habitual - Justin Bieber
MOVIE Interstellar
MOST FUNNY THING ABOUT YOU When I was kid, I swallowed watermelon seeds and was afraid it would grow in my stomach

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