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We help companies overcome their challenges with digitalization. Become the innovators of digital products and processes that bring you closer to your customers and secure business success in a digital future.

How we do it

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    Business Innovation

    We enable your transition to a more digital business model to give you access to new revenue streams
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    Mobile and Web Apps

    We build scalable apps using an agile process that gives you full control over budget and features
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    Websites and Portals

    We deliver sustainable websites and portals to manage and monitor the entire customer journey
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    Supporting Services

    We secure your digital product's performance with custom hosting and maintenance solutions

How we approach work

Agile Development

Agile Development

Agile methodology lets us adapt to changing requirements, continuously deliver working software, and work in a more collaborative way - all while reducing the cost to you. A word from CEO Dominik on Agile: video.

Agile Development

Fair Trade

We pioneer Fair Trade software development and are committed to making a social impact on the lives of Cambodians by providing employment, benefits, mentorship and training. CEO Dominik explains more in this video.

Confident Releases

For peace of mind come launch day, we start the integration process from the very start. We use our Continuous Deployment infrastructure to troubleshoot issues as they occur. A practical example: video.

Full Picture Results

Because a digital product without data is only a product. By integrating analytics, marketing and sales tools we create sustainable products that you can strategically optimize based on real user interactions.

Technologies we use

Jenkins logo


Jenkins is our productivity-boosting continuous integration system. The automated, continuous build makes it easier for our developers to submit code changes and automatically deliver quality-assured, working software to the web product users.

Atlassian logo

JIRA & Confluence

We use Atlassian's collobration and software development tools JIRA and Confluence throughout the entire project process and for follow-up maintenance. Intuitive and efficient, they enable us to collaborate effectively with our customers.

Google Analytics logo

Google Analytics

Installed on more than 10,000,000 websites, Google Analytics is a free service from Google that monitors and reports on website traffic and user behavior. The statistics help you to improve your SEO, UX, marketing and to understand your users.

Matomo logo


Matomo (formerly Piwik) is the open source alternative to Google Analytics. It is used by more than 460,000 web products to report on user interaction. The core version can be extended with plugins so you can tailor the tool to your product's exact needs.