Riehen's General Secretary Urs Denzler says they are ready to become an e-parliament.

In an article in the Riehener Zeitung, Urs introduces the e-voting solution Web Essentials has developed to help Riehen's local government reach that goal.

The report tells the community in the Swiss municipality more about the app that will be used in council meetings to make local politics more accessible and transparent.

Key characteristics of the new e-voting app:

  • Mobile: each participant receives their own tablet device where they can log in and register their participation in the meeting
  • Digital: the app replaces a manual "show of hands" voting system
  • Live: the secretary gets real-time results as attendees digitally cast their votes for "yes", "no" or "abstain" as part of a live ballot process
  • Efficient: each vote has a time limit of 20 seconds, after which no more votes can be cast
  • Immediate: after votes are cast, results are displayed to all and the chair can quickly make a deciding vote if needed
  • Transparent: the details of the individual votes can be quickly exported and published online for the general public


Download the full article (in German)

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Amy Hunt

Amy Hunt

Amy is a German-speaking Brit with a passion for people, which is why she loves working at Web Essentials. Digital marketing, communication, and exeptional customer experience is her focus. She believes in the transformative power of technology to make people's daily lives easier, whether that's driving socio-economic development with an ICT4D solution in Cambodia or helping an event manager in Switzerland pull off a huge corporate event. Her goal is to make sure everyone knows about the latest