At Web Essentials, we believe in being a responsible organisation made up of individuals who are compassionate and aware of our broader community.

Ms Kimhieng Sim (2nd from left) with Web Essentials team members, after her presentation on how Flame Cambodia promotes mentoring relationships that foster underprivileged children from Phnom Penh slums (back) into education.

June 1st is International Children’s Day, a day to raise awareness of issues related to children. To mark this important day in a country where the issues of poverty, exploitation, lack of education and opportunity are real issues for some children, we wanted to give back.  A quick call for donations resulted in enough money to buy study materials for 50 children, whose families cannot always afford them.

We presented our contribution to Ms Kimhieng Sim, Flame Cambodia Project Coordinator, for distribution to children in their programs. This also provided our staff with an opportunity to find out how they can get involved in ongoing programs within the community.