Web Essentials develops community partnerships with organisations such as PNC - Passerelles Numeriques. PNC is a school training disadvantaged youth the skills to become IT technicians and received a share of WE annual profits. PNC also sends students to Web Essentials for further training and employment.

Man, 24, was once one of these students. “PNC provides education, and Web Essentials gives job opportunities for junior developers,” he says. “I was a Web Essentials intern for three months and then joined as a Junior Web Developer. Since then I have been promoted to the position of Web Developer.”

“PNC students are chosen based on merit to receive a full scholarship: study materials, bikes, uniforms. It’s mostly people from the countryside,” he adds.

This year, PNC wanted Web Essentials to decide by themselves how their annual donation should be invested. They provided options to choose from: buying new bikes, shoes, or a projector, or renovating their community room.

Web Essentials made the choice by popular vote. WE employees understand the importance of investing in community. Web Essentials itself has a community room. It’s the center of the company’s social life and in frequent use. This made the renovation option the easy first choice.

One Saturday, six people from Web Essentials, including two former PNC students, went down to PNC to begin the project. After a busy first day of decorating, the following Sunday was more relaxed, with Web Essentials staff drawing and coding with the students.

The project continued every weekend for three weeks. The first week saw the walls painted white, before being covered with a colour & painted with pictures the next two weeks.

“Then we thought of a name for the rooms and inspirational quotes,” says Man. “We chose ‘nothing is impossible: the word itself says ‘I’m possible’’, --which coincidentally turned out to be the tag line for the latest TYPO3 Release.

Also ‘life is about creating and living experiences that are worth sharing’. That’s a quote from Steve Jobs.” This actually also follows the vision of the TYPO3 founder and creator Kasper Skårhøj: TYPO3 - inspiring people to share!

A ribbon-cutting opening event followed. The meeting space has been transformed from an empty, disused room to a popular space for students to meet, and for Web Essentials to come and share ideas.

Man explains why these projects are so important. “We don’t just give money, but get involved in applying the donation in order to help create it and see the results. As the donor we know how the money is being used. During the opening the students were all happy and comfortable in the new the room,” he says, with satisfaction.

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