At Web Essentials 'innovation' is more than just a buzzword. We love questions like: Can you transform a startup idea into a winning pitch in 54 hours? That's the concept behind Startup Weekend, a marathon event attended by designers, developers, business managers and entrepreneurs. Success stories include: Zapier, LaunchRock and Eventup.


The Startup Weekend Concept

Here's how they started out:

On Friday evening attendees pitch their idea in 60 seconds, teams form around the top-billed ideas then have less than 48 hours to brainstorm, code, design, formulate business plans, create basic prototypes, and ultimately pitch to a panel of entrepreneurial leaders on Sunday evening. 1St, 2nd, and 3rd prizes are awarded to teams that demonstrate exceptional Business ModelsCustomer ValidationTechnical ExecutionandDesign Execution.

Doctor Advisor

Two of our web developers, Danet Krueng & Borey Has participated, forming half of the Doctor Advisor teamgeneratingprototypes for a web application that connects patients with doctors in Cambodia, according to other patient reviews. 'In Cambodia it's often challenging to find the right, high quality doctor,' Has observes.

Applying technical know how and flexible working integral to Agile, they moved the concept forward to establish a solid business framework alongside their NGO-worker teammates.

Mary L├╝thy-Hui, our Interim Managing Director was on hand as a Coach, alongside tech industry heavyweights to provide guidance. Expertise on the judges panel was formidable, including Google Emerging Markets Entrepreneur, Divon Lan.

Sunday evening brought triumph for participants from Web Essentials, with Doctor Advisor awarded 1st prize by judges, who advised the team to 'think big' and expand the scope of the web application beyond Cambodia.

They leave the event with greater insight into entrepreneurship: 'If you are a developer, you only see things from a developer perspective,' says Borey, 'but if you want to run a business, you have to do market research,' Krueng adds.

Doctor Advisor remains in their plans for further development, subject to investment.

We look forward to contributing our high quality capacity and specialist expertise to future innovation-led events.

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