Sathapana Bank Plc. is one of the biggest commercial banks in Cambodia. With more than 4000 staff and 169 Branches, they serve Cambodians in all provinces and cities. 

Sathapana recently rebranded and a relaunch of their website was at the core of their rebranding strategy. Together with digital agency Dotfusion, we developed a high-performance corporate website that embodies their brand values: strength, security, stability, reliability, transparency and commitment to customer service.

Client   Sathapana Bank Plc.



Website Development

UX Design


Team   1 Project Manager, 1 Technical Lead, 3 Developers, 1 UX Designer

Business Benefits

Increased Digital Performance

Visitors stay on the site for 50% longer and view 60% more pages per visit. Organic traffic had already increased by 7.5% one month after relaunch

Customer Journey Optimization

A content restructure prioritizes relevant information, streamlining customer interactions both online and in the branches

New Features Drive Conversions

Practical tools such as calculators and a chat function help customers make buying decisions and turn visitors into leads

The Challenge

  • Update the website design to reflect Sathapana's new corporate identity
  • Improve website performance
  • Simplify the content editing process for the Marketing team and allow multiple editors
  • Fulfill strict banking sector security requirements
  • Offer multilingual content to serve both their Cambodian and foreign customer base
  • Prioritize mobile performance to better serve the 60% of website visitors using mobile devices


Improved Customer Touchpoints

  • The website was developed with the overall customer journey in mind and directly impacts how customers engage in the branches. A content evaluation and restructure by Dotfusion makes sure customers can easily access the right information online first
  • More efficient lines of communication including a chat function increase customer touchpoints and make Sathapana more accessible for their customers

Custom Security Measures

  • As a bank, security was paramount. To fulfill their security requirements we adapted our processes to fit with the client's security protocol.

Responsive Design Success

  • Dotfusion's experienced UX designer created a clean and modern design that both increases user experience and firmly establishes Sathapana's stronger brand presence in the market
  • Mobile visitors make up the majority of website traffic. After implementing the new mobile-optimized design, these users are now more engaged, with reports showing a 26% lower bounce rate on mobile devices

Onsite Training

  • Our certified integrators led multiple onsite training sessions to enable Sathapana’s technical team to economically maintain the website long term
  • The Sathapana content editors can confidently and easily edit and optimize content in the backend

Sathapana Bank's new website reflects its digitalization and full banking services, designed based on our customers' needs. Web Essential provides us with the new solution which accommodates a user-friendly website with dynamic back-end administration, giving our editors good flexibility in editing

Sreymao Von
Digital and Media Communications Manager , Sathapana Bank

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