Web Essentials has been implementing Odoo software solutions for over a year now, so we grabbed the opportunity to meet the Odoo consultants at the Odoo version 12 launch event in Phnom Penh.


Developers Nary and Brandon ready for the presentations

Odoo is an all-in-one open source software solution for growing your business, whatever industry you are in. The huge range of uses spans sales, billing, accounting, inventory management, website and ecommerce, and warehouse and project management. 

To serve all these different functions, Odoo integrates thousands of different apps that can be customized and combined to create a tailored software solution for your specific business need. 

Yesterday, representatives from Odoo came to Phnom Penh to announce the launch of their latest software version, Odoo 12. The new version contains tons of new features, including new apps for signing documents, creating custom reports and chat bot functionality.

Our developers and project managers currently working on Odoo development and implementation projects were glad to go and get demonstrations of the new features that could help our customers scale their operations. 

Intro Speech from Odoo

Odoo 12 Launch in Phnom Penh

The event started with an introduction from Yao Ming, from Odoo. She told us more about Odoo's goal to be fast, affordable and reduce the costs needed to achieve high operational performance. According to Ming, Odoo's advantage as an ERP is that it only needs 20% of customization on average, making it a cost-efficient solution even for small businesses.

Next, leading food supplier Mekong Food Services gave us some practical examples on how they used Odoo to improve their work processes, specificcaly how they customized Odoo for their purpose. 

After the presentations and Q&A session, there was a chance to network with potential clients, other Odoo implementation partners in Phnom Penh, as well as chat directly to the Odoo consultants.

Event Takeaways

Web Essentials is Leading Odoo Implementations in Cambodia

Odoo has 4 million users worldwide and the number of businesses using Odoo solutions in Cambodia is growing. However one of the most interesting findings during the conference was that there are currently no live Odoo implementations by official Odoo partners in Cambodia. We are already working on our second and third implementations, which is something to be proud of.

There's an App for Everything!

We were reminded once again of how integrated and flexible Odoo is. There are currently 20,111 app store add ons available and counting! For example, if you are an accountant wanting to upload financial data form QuickBooks, you might be disappointed to find there is no official Odoo app for this use case. However a quick check of the app store will reveal a third party app with the answer to your problem.

Cambodian Companies want Odoo 

The high attendance at the event showed us that there is already a thriving Odoo community. And that more businesses are ready for new Odoo software implementations, especially for solving accounting issues. It's an exciting time for Odoo in Cambodia, the market is there and projects are already in motion.

Verdicts from our own Odoo Experts



"As a developer, it was good to get my head out of the technical details and go out and network with different clients and tech providers. Attending events like this one encourages the kind of open knowledge sharing that is so important for the open-source developer community."



"I found it valuable to get answers to specific technical questions from the Odoo respresentative. For example, stress testing for thousands of users for a project we are currently working on for a school, or customizing the import from csv into Odoo to facilitate the migration of data."


Production Manager

"It was really interesting to see how other local companies are using the software to improve specific processes from e-commerce to manufacture to invoicing."

Do you have a business problem you think Odoo might be able to solve? Talk to us today! 

Sengchheang Chhun

Sengchheang Chhun

Sengchheang is a project manager with over 10 years' hands-on experience in web development, technical concept creation, and quality assurance. He is inspired by the creative and collaborative mindset of open source communities around the world and works to bring this spirit to Cambodia for the benefit of the customer, his team and his home country.