From Web Agency to Digital Product Development Company

Three years ago we made a big change to our business. After operating 5 years exclusively in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, we opened an office in Basel,…

The 7 Stages of Digital Product Development

Are you a startup planning to launch a new service? Or an entrepreneur trying to solve a problem in your company? One solution might be the…

Using Machine Learning and Chatbots to Innovate at Web Essentials

Last week we had our 13th Innovation Days at Web Essentials Phnom Penh.

How our Domain Migration Positively Impacted our SEO

This is a story of how swapping our Swiss website for a global domain increased our organic traffic by 70%.

E-voting app is in Riehener Zeitung

Riehen's General Secretary Urs Denzler says they are ready to become an e-parliament.

GDPR Checklist: 13 Steps to Compliance

Are you ready for the new European Personal Data Policy? We recently put together a post summarizing how the GDPR will impact your business.


Business Process Design: 5 Steps to Increase Team Productivity

I'm a Project Manager and member of the Project Management Office (PMO) at Web Essentials. My goal is to create processes that help project teams take…

Is my Company Affected by the GDPR?

TL;DR Privacy of EU residents needs to be taken more seriously as of May 25th 2018. If you’re going to use someone’s personal data, you have to ask…

Innovators in Cambodia Digitizing Swiss Politics

Back in 2008 Riehen citizen Dominik had the idea to do development aid in an innovative way. He realized that by starting a web development company in…

The Quality Baseline: Why we Stopped Delegating Product Quality Management to the QA Team

A conversation no one wants to have at project closure: